Sunday, April 27, 2008

Race Report: TC 10K

It was nearly ideal conditions for a race this morning. It was warm, overcast, the wind held off (for the most part), and the rain held off. I had a good warm up and my legs felt ready. This year I tried an added running piece of apparel. Since I wasn't sure how cold it would be, I cut the ends off a pair of old socks and used these to keep my arms warm till just minutes before the gun. A tip 'o the hat to my sister who was doing this a year ago. I've seen the elite runners use these, but I liked this home grown method.

At the sound of the gun, there was the usual mad rush off the start. I ran the first k in 3:38, 5k in 18:22, and finished in 37:25. I seemed to have forgotten that there were gentle rolling hills back to the finish from the 4k point. The course didn't seem as flat as it was last year. I was pretty happy with the way the race turned out. I was satisfied with my effort.

My sister and her friend Chelsea aided a deaf woman at the finish in the first aid tent, it appeared she was suffering from shock. A bit of excitement for them!

Now I need to make some decisions on my short term running plans.

Results here


ma said...

18th out of 9000 and 6th out of the old guys....ain't bad if I say so

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good jaunt , nice one bro!