Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rubbing the wrong (right?) way

I didn't run on Thursday. I wanted to run outside in the good weather, but child minding got in the way.

On Friday I had a short run on the treadmill. A 10' warm up and then 3 X 5' at 9.7 mph/0.5 incline with 1:30 rest between each set. Afterward, I had an extremely relaxing sports massage, which was a recent gift from Sarah. My instincts tell me that a sports massage is probably not meant to be relaxing; but rather deep, painful, and manipulative in a joint crunching sort of way. A "sports massage" is a way for a spa to sell this service to the gentleman crowd. I'm not complaining, it was wonderful.

Saturday saw me doing a short strengthening regimen at the gym. I'm bulking up.


Anonymous said...

I am Legend --- Right
Decaf. cofee --- Wrong

Lawrence said...

Ah, it's anon.

Alston I presume?