Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bad decision!

Our local School Board has voted to build a new school on the grounds where the community track is situated. The end is nigh for the track, and I am deeply saddened. My emotions actually sway between sadness and anger. A place for kids to run -- gone. School track meets -- gone. A safe place for the elderly -- gone. Children facing a continent wide obesity problem -- still here.

The Board, despite the rhetoric, had made their decision long ago; and lacking any imagination, seemed limited to an either or option of a new school being in only one of two places, with no concrete arrangements made to see another one built. If anyone believes that the city will build a new one in the future, well I've got a bridge to sell you, and I'll meet you at the new library tomorrow to make the deal.

I have often heard lately, "the best interest of the children" should be done. What misleading crap! The best interest of the children is to have a new school and track.

Soon the track will be another site relegated to the dustbin of local history. Thanks Jay Yule and the Board. This is your legacy.


Alfred E. Neuman said...

You could always run laps around the beautiful all-weather playfield that has been so tastefully installed on the old arena site.

Anonymous said...

Brutal!! Long live the track!!!

Lawrence said...

I'm afraid the track is dead anon.

A beautiful green space and soccer pitch in the middle of town is doomed. Local residents: think of another comparable soccer field in the middle of town? Yeah, not many others. The fact the pitch is utilized so often by so many is something overlooked here.