Saturday, December 06, 2008

A runner in a cynical time

I got a late morning start on my run here in the Royal City. While the kids played at the playground with Sarah and Jill, I ran from the petting zoo at Beacon Hill park along Dallas Rd. I stuck to the water for a one hour run, running for 30 minutes seeing beautiful vista's and gorgeous homes worth millions. "What it must be like to be rich?" I was thinking, which led me inevitably to the quote from Fitzgerald"The rich are different from you and me"

Oh well, it's nice to be rich in ways not pertaining to lucre. I guess. I'd rather have both though, money and happiness. I don't think they're mutually exclusive. 

The run was in a bit of mist with a very slight rain at times. The run invigorated me, and seemed to wash away my early century cynicism. I finished the run a happy man in a cynical age.


Alfred E. Neuman a.k.a. - Lorne said...

I must have just missed you. Ran from the Magnolia Hotel along Dallas to the Cemetery and back on Friday afternoon. Out at UVic campus on Saturday - attending a rather questionable coaching symposium. It is a fun city to run in on occasion, but I am glad not to live there. Hope that you had a good weekend!

Alfred E. said...

By the way, regarding your desire to resemble your sister... I don't think that you would look good in a dress.

Lawrence said...

Too bad I missed you for that run. I'd have enjoyed that.

As for the dress comment, I knew there would be a danger that my comment would get a response like that........and it did!