Monday, December 08, 2008


I was feeling nostalgic for the track, and it isn't even gone yet. I'm already imagining the day the bulldozers start ripping up the track. Sigh. With little time for running this evening, I ran for exactly 30 minutes with a good portion of it at the track. Despite the failing light and the briskness in the air, there were very young children playing at the track, as their dutiful parents looked on. Sigh.

I was running in the usual counter clockwise direction, and couldn't help but think how much I'll miss that little puddle, in a dip, on lane 1, at the very north end of the track. As long as it's wet out, that wee puddle is there. Sigh. I ran easy and timed the 1k's at the track, they were progressively: 4:39, 4:37, 4:34, 4:33. Sigh.

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