Thursday, February 19, 2009

Running updates


Before the group run - on the treadmill, I ran:

10 minute warm up
3 x 3:00 @ 10.2 mph/0.5 incline, with 1:00 rest between

I timed this run to end 5 minutes before the 5:30 group run from Avid Fitness. It was an easy 40 minutes in the beautiful evening.


15 minute warm up from home to the track
5 X 200m at a fast pace, not timed. A 200m walk between each
1k cool down

A stellar day today, the sun was shining brilliantly; the sort of day that makes you glad you're alive.


Grouper said...

You did a group run on a treadmill? Were you wearing a brief & sunglasses while carrying a snowshovel? How many other people were on the treadmill at the same time?

Slugger said...

How are you planning to drink the beer with the snowshovel?