Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday run run down

I joined the run group on Sunday, and we convened at the Mud lake area. I made my way there in a luxury vehicle, a Mercedes, owned by the "big man", and I'm convinced it's the only way to travel. I'll bet there aren't too many Benz's that hit the rough gravel as often as this one does.

Luckily, I was running with a group, because if I were to rely on my sense of direction, I'd still be trying to find my way out of the bush. The run itself ended up being longer than the advertised 10k, probably more like 15k, which was all good from my point of view. Post-run coffee at Starbucks was a highlight.

1 comment:

fb said...

Mr Specimen,
My wife would like you to refer to me as Mr Big.