Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My goose was cooked

After work I ran 33:30 in the rain and wind. When running northward, the wind and rain were pretty strong, at least strong enough to make me retreat back home, cutting my run by about ten minutes.

I discovered some minor bad news when I did two laps of the track tonight. A flock of geese seems to be making their home at the track. We all know, that where there's geese there's goose s**t. When I was there last week with my kids, there was a lot of the stuff on the track. Hunters unite!


Anonymous said...

it's a little goose-poop !
They just go where they want !"

sung to tune of " little deuce coup " by the Beach Boys.

Dennis said...

Hey, geese are people too. You kill a goose, you kill someone's son or daughter, father, or mother or grandparent.