Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday run

I had a so-so run of about 16k today. An easy run in the trails, but I found my heart wasn't into it today. My plan was to run with Alston, because I had inside information he was going to run 4:45/k pace. Alas, I only ran with him for 1k, that's because he surprised me by circling back, looking for his "bro". I ended the run slightly disheartened, but I picked up later with a latte at Starbucks with the group.

Breaking up (a bromance) is hard to do.


Northrop Frye said...

Yo Cleopatra...

He ran with you for 2K. (fact)

No surprises - he told you that he was turning back to sweep (fact)

He ran 23K or 24K and much of it at 4:45 to 4:30 pace (fact)

He actually followed the course (fact)

This stuff is more fun than the actual running (fact)

Ribbing Lawrence on his blog is a hoot (fact)

There were 13 people running - not three (fact)

The runner at the back, David Simpson, had never before run 18+ kilometres. He would have made an excellent hero in a Horatio Alger story rather than the Harlequin Romance that you chose to write (fact - mixed with a little sarcastic opinion)

Anonymous said...


Do not confuse leadership and team work with the 'bromance.' I have always tried to run with the 'slower runners', runners who have not run on trail before and those who do not know the route to encourage their endeavours while persuing the sport of running. This is the way that I have been able to give back to the sport that I enjoy.

Unfortunately, my program has changed recently and I have started to become more focussed on speedwork on the Sunday runs now. With this being stated, Lorne has allowed me to still practice what is valuable to me - encouraging others. I am able to do this by doubling back on my runs, checking in with people and practicing the concept of team and selflessness. I then turn around and run again until my next check point at which time I meet up with the group again. Lorne has not told me to do this -this is being part of a leader, similar to what my Bro does.

Lorne and Greg have put a lot of time and miles into me the last couple of years and now it is my turn to give back. A good fun run is not simply how your legs and lungs feel at the end of the run, but what steps you take to make your heart feel good at the end of the run. If I were you, I would not concentrate on breaking up the bromance but rather embrassing it and it's true meaning - giving back to others. Once you have achieved this, you will have gained more than breaking up the bromance can ever bring to you, you will have become a leader and an inspiration in the running community.


Lawrence said...


With all these purported facts you've bandied about, I'd surmise that you're an investigator of sorts.

Northrop, you are also living up to your famous work, "Anatomy of Criticism" in ways you probably never intended.

Lawrence said...


All I can say is: nice post.

I am officially over being the "wedge".

I just want to be clear that I've thought a lot of what FB & GT have done for the local running community.