Saturday, July 11, 2009


In the scorching heat, G.T. and I ran 5k in 19:15 and 19:16, respectively. The goal was a tempo run of 19:10, but factoring in the heat, this was a good showing. Greg, being the stronger runner, really aided in pushing me through to the end. With about 800m to go, I felt I was done, but I stuck to G.T's shoulder and pressed on.

After the 5k I sprung on G.T. an additional 4 X 200m in 37-38 sec.

A nice work out that afforded us the luxury of sitting on a bench in the shade afterward, watching Stephanie and Julie run 150m repeats.

Once again, G.T. comes through.


Really Old Dog said...

Too bad that you ran so hard on Friday - because you missed 9 lovely, easy downhill repeats on the Water Tower Hill loop in comfortable early morning conditions. It was one of those brilliant Escher workouts where we kept running downhill over & over without having to go uphill - ask Greg as he won the Alpha Dog shirt today.

gt said...

That's funny, i don't recall never having to go uphill, in fact, i do recall a big loose gravel and sand hill right at the end of each lap. it was a monster! That being said, it was a great workout for everybody there and everyone did it quite willingly, which is a testament to the faith we all have in our coach. As far as the Alpha Dog shirt goes, sometimes not being that bright pays off i guess...hahaha

Lawrence said...

Just training smart boys.