Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday's cruise intervals

Yesterday, being Friday, I ran my traditional tempo workout. I wanted something different, away from the confines of the track, so I decided to take as my inspiration the workout Lorne had us run on Wednesday.

I ran along the water to the "two cement blocks" on the beach trail, very near the Townsite sewer. Nice description there I know, but it's better than it sounds. Trust me. Anyway, I ran very easy there, which is probably 4.5 -5k away, and then on the return, would run 4 X 5:00 with 1:00 complete rest. I ended up running (3 X 5:00) + (1 X 3:53) until I got to the end of the seawalk. It just so happened that after my third repeat I was standing next to my 1k mark on the seawalk, and couldn't resist timing the last repeat, as it was exactly 1k.

A decent workout in the warmth of the September sun.

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