Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Legs lacking zip

On the agenda today was a 60' run. A mild but wet day greeted me on my run, which I did as soon as I was home from work this afternoon. It was 30' out and 29:04 back along the water. It was an evenly paced run-- despite the numbers-- due to a bio break in the first 30'. Hey, now that's details..... My legs, specifically my thighs, were suffering a bit from residual soreness from yesterday's track work and strength work. The last half of the run wasn't exactly a struggle, but it did feel like the end of a longer run of an hour and three quarters.

My legs are lacking oopmh right now, but I'm hoping they'll be rested for tomorrow afternoon, as there are five hills with my name on them. I'll attempt to tame Nootka St.--or will Nootka St. bite back? Tune in tomorrow......

1 comment:

Michael said...

I wouldn’t worry about the lack of zip, I’d say it is to be expected considering the workout you did the day before?