Thursday, February 15, 2007

Survival of the hills

With Patrick, I ran my hill workout. Of course, the wind was blowing SE, and thus right into our faces as we climbed the long hill five times. On my third effort up the hill, I was thinking this workout is going to be about survival. The third of the five seemed to be the toughest, and I thought to myself I'd have to slog through the next two. It was all about survival at this point. As it turned out, the next two didn't seem as bad as the third, and I did manage to live to tell the tale. I survived in all probability because I slowed on the last two! It was a tough workout that took 57:08 and probably 10-11K total.

Afterward, we strolled down to the ocean and soaked our legs. I managed 6', and Patty, an insane 15'. His legs came out looking like two stalks of red peppers. Without the "hot" precursor. I got home and was told my lips were blue. I'm off for a warm bath now........

1 comment:

Michael said...

Good job on the hills, stick with it.

You have to like that wind eh?