Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A tire and time trial

I had a rest day yesterday in preparation for today. This morning, I was at the gym at 6:45 for a strength workout of about 40-45min. Patty was crazy enough to meet me there, and he's working tonight on top of his training. Coo-Coo.

Tonight, it was to the track for some speedier stuff: 400's/200's/100's and then followed it up with a "blind" 3K time trial*, and some running of 70m or so attached to a rope, chain, and 14" tire. Pulling the tire forces an improvement in your running mechanics. Coach has done some filming of his better athletes (not me), and there is a demonstrable improvement in running form. Anyone else do any similar workout attached to some device/implement?


*for the curious and number crunchers: 10':45"


Michael said...

What did you make of the tire dragging?

P.s. nice 3-k!

Lorne said...

It would be interesting to hear what you felt rather than what you have been told. What was your sensation of running with a tire attached to a waistbelt?

Lawrence said...

The tire dragging:

I had it built in my mind, that it was going to be very hard, even for 70m or so, and I was a bit surprised that it was "easier" than I thought it was going to be. Maybe that's 'cause I only had a 14" tire, and not a big snowy for an SUV?

Anyway, I felt my legs getting a fuller extension, and better push off. After the 3K time trial, after 6 tractor pulls, I could feel my legs fatiguing. Other than that, I felt like a horse pulling a tire......

Shameless Opportunist said...

Hey Mr. Behan??? Are you running in the 10th Annual Tour de Trail this Sunday in Powell River? I have heard that it is one of the most beautiful trail races in North America. Maybe you would like to extoll to all of your fellow bloggers the sheer ecstasy of running down the mossy Washout Trail and zig-zagging through the technical single-track of Fred's Trail. You might even take an opportunity to tell everyone that every penny of entry fees goes directly to the local Food Bank. Some speedsters might care to know that last year's edition was won by the Gutbuster King - Graham Cocksedge - who hurled himself fearlessly through bramble and down cliffs to finish in a record of 46:40 (and you know that it is really more than 12K!!!)Islanders could easily get here in time for the race by taking the first ferry over from Courtenay on Sunday morning.

By the way Lawrence, how does it feel to have a ruthless opportunist like me shamelessly flog their event on your web-site?

Lawrence said...

Are you shameless or ruthless, or both? Decide......Now that's out of the way:

The annual Tour de Trail is a great local event and I'll "pimp" it in my next post.

Mr Cocksedge is a worthy opponent whose course record is safe from this blogger!

As it turns out, I'm not working that day, so will run it.

I have my blog set so you have to enter a wiggley word code, it seems "shameless opportunist" has breached this security hurdle......hmmm......

Patrick said...

Some times I feel like I’m dragging a tire when I’m not?

See you at the Tour de Trail!


LDPM said...

I feel like the spare tire sometimes with Patty and LB as they drag me along with their whirl wind pace!