Sunday, May 13, 2007

12k, sunny day, happy mother's day.....

Perfect weather today for my "boiling water" run of 12K. A sunny, warm day with just a slight breeze. Lots of people walking the seawalk and beach trail today. There were no issues with the small blister I picked up on my last run, which was a relief. It must have been a faulty pair of socks.

My legs felt good during the run, but I'm still fighting a cough. Family members will testify that when I get a cough, it's always reluctant to leave in good time. It's just something I deal with. The cough actually took a back seat as I picked up the pace; during the first 1/2 of the run when I was running slower, the cough was there, when I was running at roughly 4:00/k pace, it disappeared. Maybe I shouldn't run slower?


Spent a lot of time tinkering with imovie the last few days. Very addicting.

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