Sunday, June 03, 2007

A ruby in the rough

It was a hot one today, so I didn't run till after dinner when it became a bit overcast. Also, I delayed running because we were out the night before for my parents 40th wedding anniversary, and I felt like a bit of a sleep-in. The sleep-in didn't happen, but it was a great idea in theory.

On the agenda was to be a run around Look lake, a distance of about 13K. I hear part of the trail is flooded, but am not sure what sort of repair it's in. I've heard a local runner recently up there, but I'm not sure how much bush whacking would necessitate completing the loop. I wasn't in the mood for that. Be that as it may, I was running short on time this evening, so elected to run from home. I ran from my place to the Rodmay hotel, looping through the parking area, and then back home for a total run time of 1:01:35.

I'm certainly not acclimatized to the heat; it was probably around 26 C (79 deg F) at the high today, and I could feel the heat affecting me a bit in the last 30' of my run. Despite the heat, and feeling tired after the run, it was a good one today.


Happy Anniversary Ma & Pa! I just looked up on google and found that the traditional gift for a 40th is a ruby. I didn't see any rubies being tossed around......up! Maybe even a letter from the Queen?

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