Wednesday, July 11, 2007

40:16 easy + links

If the evening's were like this one tonight every day, there wouldn't be a need for a heaven. It was warm, but if felt glorious. I was out the door a few minutes past nine, just about 1/4 hr. before the sun was due to set. I did my 8K+ seawalk course in 40:16. During my run past Willingdon Beach, I caught sight of a segway, which you don't see everyday in a small city like ours. These I've only seen in the big smoke.

I'm working on measuring my seawalk route for an accurate distance, but haven't had time in the last few days. I did measure 1K on the seawalk. I took the first measurement by walking my bike and then checked it by riding the same distance back. Running it easy today, I did it in 4:33 on my way home, which struck me about right given my effort during this k.

Some links:

I have always complained about the lack of public facilities at our track. Seems I'm not alone.

Wish you registered the domain name for This guy did in 1995. He made 1,000,000.00.

I've been meaning to post this one, and am finally getting around to it.

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