Sunday, July 01, 2007

O Canada!

Running in the late afternoon warmth, I chose my well trodden seawalk/beach trail route. I did the 8-9k route, (to the gate and back) in 40:57, which is a bit slower than Thursday's 40:15. This is probably the only route I actually time when I'm running easy. I was slowed a bit by going around all the people at the Canada Day celebration at Willingdon beach; and by the heat. Though not hot, it was enough to slow me down a bit.

I've got to get an odometer, as I'm really curious as to the actual distance of this one particular circuit --this one's my bread 'n butter route.

My hip feels good today, and I'm going to do the harder effort Tuesday that was meant for last Friday. Following that, I'm going to have to pick up my running schedule from Coach for July. At least I don't have to visit my coach in jail to pick up my training schedule, a la Tyson Gay.

Happy Canada Day to all.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day!!!!

Summer is here!!!!