Thursday, August 02, 2007

Amazing book

A week ago, I spent $0.99 on ebay to buy this comic book. It's rather an unremarkable book in the annals of Spider-man; but god, did I stare at that cover for hours as a kid.

It wasn't the first comic I ever bought, but it was the first where I was eagerly waiting for the next issue, with no idea when it would be released. It was probably an almost daily excursion by bicycle to Knight News, checking the spinner rack for issue #233. Sixty cents seemed like so much money; and it was, considering how much money I was bringing in to the household (zero) -- there had to be tight distribution on very scarce resources.

I read it the other day, and spidey was his usual quipping self, Peter Parker had his usual out-of-costume problems, and I didn't remember a thing about this particular story. But, oh, that cover, and it's remembrances of things past; those special things to do with my child-hood.

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Patrick Nesbitt said...

Lawrence what a great post! Put a smile on my face.