Friday, June 13, 2008

The running novelist

I planned on a run yesterday, but waited too long, and then took the easy way out and didn't make it at all.
As for today: I rode up to track and ran 15' easy before running 3.2k at a tempo-like pace. I crossed the 3k mark in 11:49 and the 3.2k in 12:32. This was a workout that wasn't planned but decided upon when I was warming up.


I read a story in the June 9th & 16th issue of the New Yorker yesterday and was going to link to it, as it had something to do with running. When I can tie in my favourite magazine and running, I'll make every attempt to do so. Unfortunately, the story is not online; so, if you're interested, you'll have to pick up this issue off the newsstand or head to your local library. A Japanese novelist who runs - or is it a Japanese running novelist? Here's an abstract.

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