Thursday, August 13, 2009

Interval Wednesday

Firstly, I should mention that I'm modifying this blog ever so slightly. I'm not going to write or mention every single run in a given week, just noteworthy or interesting ones. I will continue to provide a weekly running synopsis.

Without further ado then, yesterday morning, I ran an interval session at the track.

warm up
4 X 800m with 1:30 -1:45 rest between
2 X 400m with 50 sec. rest between
cool down

Now, wasn't that interesting?


Anonymous said...

Not really.

Lawrence said...

Why are you reading?

Anonymous said...

I like the change already! (Actually I don’t see the difference yet but time will tell)…
And who the hell signs into blogs as anon and then mocks the blogger and appears disinterested?


Lawrence said...


I have lots of disinterested friends.... ; )

Anonymous said...

hahaha! ...(anonymously chuckling)