Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This is what the weather called for via our National broadcaster:

Thank heavens the Mother Corp. was wrong! I ran this morning in what can only be called ideal distance running conditions. It was overcast, cool, with little wind, and dry streets. I did 6 loops close to home, of what's called run/surge training. My legs felt a little heavy this morning, but they felt better once the run was in.

I also ended up doing a rare double, by joining the gang at Shore runners in the late afternoon, putting in an easy 7k. It was a decent turnout with 20 odd (# of people, not THE people) people showing up. Again, the rain held off and it was great conditions.

Total of approx. 16K today.

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Lorne said...

Thanks for joining us on last night's run Lawrence. It was a pleasure to see you surge up to Doug so easily. Sorry that I was not more talkative but I have been sawmilling everyday and that was as fast as I could go last night. Talking just wasn't an option.

By the way, when you are running now, your head sits nice and straight on your shoulders - no lean! That is awesome!!